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Lumen Fortronic the height of fashion

12 March 2012 10.00GMT

(Italy) - Fashion, art and design at the heart of next Lumen Fortronic, the Italian LED forum devoted to solid state lighting technologies and applications to be held in Milan on the 29th March.

Through a series of conferences and expo areas, the event will underline the specific competences, the technical know how and the esthetical beauty of the lighting products and solutions that are “Made in Italy”.

The event will host the speeches of a task force of experts on the following subjects:
- Light and Fashion: from the boutique to the catwalk (a focus on the
lighting systems for showrooms and stores)
- Art Lighting (a focus on the lighting systems for museums and artworks)
- Lighting and design, the LEDs and the different material (a focus on
the role of the lighting designer)
- Energy efficiency and pay-back period (a focus on the return on investment, on the importance of LEDs to cut off expenses and reduce
energy consumption)

A technological “tutorial”
Lumen Fortronic will also host a technological roundtable and a tutorial with the presence of the top players of the Italian market (LEDs manufacturers and distributors). The roundtable title will be: “LEDs and OLEDs: technological trends and future perspectives”. Other speeches will focus on colour rendition, photobiological risk, optics management, regulations and standards.

A demo area with the latest solutions
A lighting showroom – Leddove Gallery – will be present where Italian companies will show the latest and most innovative products and lighting solutions. In the community area (demo area), visitors
will also see the latest available technologies: components, systems and
lighting products.

Lumen Award: a recognition to design and innovation
Among the special initiatives, the Lumen Award will recognise the most
innovative and esthetically intersting products.


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