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Tallinn Light Biennale approaches

22 October 2013 10.05 BST

(Estonia) - Baltic capital to host eight-day event, focused on education and inspiration.

The Estonian capital, Tallinn, is preparing for its 2013 Light Biennale - an eight day event, set to run from Sunday 24 November to Sunday 1 December. Programme highlights include public light installations across the city, PLDA workshops, lighting seminars and a guerrilla lighting event.

Public Light Installations
Innovative technology, content, control and approach will be explored in a range of projects from large scale facade projections to small interactive sculptures.

PLDA workshop
The Professional Lighting Designers' Association will hold a series of on-site workshops focusing on the usage of modern lighting solutions. Four internationally renowned lighting designers/artists will each guide a group of students through the process of designing a lighting concept for a specific site. This is then realised within the week. The aim is to learn how to use modern lighting technology as a tool at its best to enhance and activate public spaces. Chosen sites will include a media façade, medieval city wall, a church and an interactive Christmas light installation. The results will stay installed and open to the public for one week after the end of the Biennale.

Lighting designers/artists will present their work and share their experiences; manufacturers will show the latest advances in lighting equipment; and scientists will deliver their predictions of things to come.

Lighting Laboratory – LightLab and Dare to Light workshops
These hands-on workshops will allow designers to play with the latest lighting equipment and experimental technologies.

Lighting tours
Guided tours will run throughout the final weekend, with introducing and explaining the installations and art pieces.

Guerrilla Lighting
Under the guidance of experienced lighting designers, groups will have a chance to get involved in a series of faced paced lighting interventions, that will see sites temporarily transformed using portable lighting equipment. The event will draw attention to the power of lighting and its effect to the space.


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