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Frankfurter Westend Galerie reveals Lux Lucis exhibition

25 March 2015 12:30 GMT

(Germany) - Italian artists's methods render atmospheric and immaterial energy of light concrete.

Claudio Olivieri, born in Rome in 1934, is one of the leading representatives of analytical painting in Italy. He creates luminous columns through oil on canvas. A soft, veiled light shines through his mainly vertical compositions; light stretches upwards and gently pushes the darkness towards the edges of his works.

Raffaele Cioffi, born in Desio (Milan) in 1971, develops his concept of light and colour by creating works suspended between the material and the spiritual. He fills spaces with light and colour that can be imagined to infinity, and material elements accentuate the mysterious, unreal effect.

In the exhibition the two painters are joined by an artist who works directly with light. Marco Brianza, Varese 1972, who studied IT and uses digital techniques, photography and video. The luminous objects created for the exhibition emit a diffused light, the colours move and transform into different ones constantly. The series of these effects is managed by special software that the artist has developed for the LEDs behind the screen.

Ergo is supporting the exhibition Lux Lucis, which was inaugurated on 21 March.

It will remain open until 30 April 2015.



Lux Lucis
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