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Retail lighting design conference to take place in India

21 February 2015 12.00 GMT

(India) - ‘The Art of Attraction: Lighting Design for Retail Interiors' at GD Goenka University, India, to take place on 16-17 June.

CODE, the International Conference on Design of the School of Fashion and Design at GD Goenka University (GDG-SoFD), India, will have as its theme ‘The Art of Attraction: Lighting Design for Retail Interiors' aimed at bringing together international experts to discuss lighting design & technology for the retail and commercial establishments.

The lighting industry in India is worth 95 billion rupees, growing steadily at 12% CAGR and is expected to maintain this growth rate over the next decade. This growth is being fuelled by rapid development of infrastructure & real state, exponential growth of middle class income and the upsurge of the retail boom across India. At the same time the lighting industry has undergone a huge transformation in terms of technology upgrades, new product innovation, creative lighting design and new areas of application. In addition there has been a strong emphasis on energy conservation and sustainability as lighting alone consumes 18% of the energy generated in India.

For retail & commercial spaces, where human interaction is paramount, lighting plays a multi-tiered role dominated by the sense of vision - from enabling function (in the form of ambient illumination) to providing an aesthetic medium (in form of accent lights). Retail oriented businesses like apparel, food, electronics, luxury products, as also commercial/service establishment including offices, hotels, museums, hospital and even general supermarkets need to understand and intelligently apply the principals of lighting to deliver their intended purposes.

Advancements in technology have provided the lighting designer with a complex range of lighting solutions in terms of customer demands for aesthetics & engagement, environmental requisites, operational efficiencies, customisability, and quality. The designer is called upon to make appropriate choices of luminaires in these situations, using criteria like colour values, intensity, temperatures, energy efficiency, and even the visual design of the luminaire. This choice further complicated by the fact that different products respond differently to the same kind of lights.

The demand for lighting professionals has therefore been growing by leaps & bound and many design professionals have been moving into this emerging area of interest. The conference offers a communication platform for established lighting designers, researchers, students, manufacturers, developers, architects and related professionals to network, exchange and share knowledge, ideas and new approaches in the field of light and lighting design.

The conference is co-hosted by Oklahoma State University, USA, and Politecnico di Milano, Italy; and is being supported by ELCOMA the Electric Lamp and Component Manufacturers Association of India.


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