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Record attendance at Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

20 June 2009 10.00 BST

(China) - Asia’s largest lighting industry fair and its partner event for the electrical building technology industry attracted a record number of visitors when it took place at the China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou, China, 9 – 12 June 2009.

The show was opened by Li Rongcan, Vice Mayor of Guangzhou who thanked the organisers, exhibitors and visitors for their support. “The fair has made positive contributions in enhancing the interactions with the international community and speeding up the development of the Chinese lighting industry,“ he said.

Nearly 53,000 people visited the fairs which brought together a total of 1,543 exhibitors from 26 countries and regions in 11 halls totalling 110,000 square metres of exhibition space.

“We had nearly 10 per cent more visitors than last year and this is quite an achievement, given the global economic slowdown and the current concerns about travelling,” said Jason Cao, General Manager of Messe Frankfurt in China. “Our visitors came because they knew the quality of our sourcing platform and that they could find the lighting products, fixtures, components and technologies they wanted as well as discovering new networking opportunities and more about the global lighting trends through our popular fringe programmes.“

Altogether there were 52,795 visitors, up by 9.75% from the 2008 attendance of 48,105. They came from 111 countries and regions compared to 97 countries and regions in 2008. Of these 41,550 were domestic visitors and 11,245 were overseas visitors.

Cao further commented on the feedback received about the fair: “We continued to attract a strong number of exhibitors because they understand the fair’s value as a highly respected and effective sourcing platform which showcases their products to the global market.  We were also happy to hear that for many exhibitors, compared to past fairs, this one was the most profitable one for them as they secured orders from new customers and increased orders from existing customers. Furthermore, for the first time we had exhibitors from Australia, Macau, Switzerland, Thailand and Turkey.”

This year’s exhibitors included the world’s leading brands in the lighting industry: Everlight (Taiwan), GE (USA), Osram (Germany), Philips (The Netherlands) and Seoul Semiconductor (Korea). 

Lighting accessories and fixtures manufacturer AAG Stucchi Asia Pacific Ltd said that the economic downturn had not affected their sales at the fair. Jovial Zhang, the company’s Chief Representative said: “We have not been affected by the economic crisis because our existing customers buy from us the same quantity and some also increase the quantity at the fair.”

Exhibiting for the fourth year was American company QSSI, a manufacturer of outdoor commercial and industrial gauge lighting. Rick Edens, Company President said: “We think it’s good to carry on exhibiting during the economic crisis because it provides more business opportunities. This show is one of our most productive in regards to getting customers.  There are more international customers coming here not only from Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East, we even have some of our existing customers coming from the USA.”

LED is the world’s fastest growing lighting sector and this was reflected in the increased number of dedicated LED halls from two at the 2008 fair to three at this year’s fair. 

Japanese company Citizen Electronics Co Ltd capitalised on their specialist high power LED products. “Our industry is in the upward trend,” said Sales Manager Eric Au-Yeung. “We believe that the LED market in China will go to two extremes in the future – high-end and low-end. As the standard for professional lighting becomes higher, high-end high power LED will blossom within three to five years. This market is promising to us and we are glad to join the lighting fair.”

The China Association of Lighting Industry is a national trade organisation and its members represent 80% of China's lighting companies and institutions. Chen Yansheng, President of the association was impressed by how large the exhibition has become. "The show has a long history and it is now on a big scale. This year I was particularly impressed that there were more large-scale exhibits for LED products. In the years to come I hope to see more international exhibitors and visitors because their attendance is very beneficial to the Chinese lighting industry."

Cathy Wang, Commercial Specialist, American Consulate General, US Commercial Service, US Department of Commerce said her office focuses on export-oriented US suppliers. “The US exhibitors were satisfied with the quality of visitors because the show is a good platform for both lighting products suppliers and buyers as it showcases the latest products and technologies. Also there is clear industry division and the seminar topics are very creative.”

The Electrical and Electronics Association of Malaysia (TEEAM) regularly bring buyer delegations to the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. "This year we had companies connected to trading, manufacturing and engineering construction who wanted to source products and see the latest technologies,” said Dato Ir Lee Peng Joo, TEEAM’s Immediate Past President. “Everyone was very happy with the exhibition and we are considering arranging another delegation for next year's show."
Visitors were also happy with the fair. Wu Fan of HanLai Plaza, Wuhan operates a large shopping mall dedicated to lighting and hardware products. “I came to the fair to learn about the development and trend of domestic lighting brand name products,” he commented. “The show is huge with a wide variety of attractively designed products and high technology. And I am glad to notice that LED is increasingly popular and the applications are wider, especially in furniture design.”

Netherlands visitor Harrie van Beurden, Director, Light Technology Nederland BV added: “We are working in the field of LED lighting and we are happy to find a lot of LED manufacturers in the same hall. I am happy with the exhibition as there is a good standard of exhibitor.”

The fringe programme line up for this year’s fair was tailor-made to attract a diverse range of lighting industry sectors. As a result, there was record attendance of more than 1,000 people. Many of the events attracted a full capacity audience. Among the most popular events were the inaugural Global Lighting Information Day Series which featured British Information Day and China Information Day.

British Information Day was co-organised with the British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong and the topics related to lighting industry trends in the United Kingdom. One of the speakers, Adrian Allen, Chairman of the International Trade Committee for the North Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry said his presentation explained the different marketing routes available for the United Kingdom. 

“There are a lot of Chinese manufacturers making exactly the same thing,” he said, “but until they actually decide to be the best and get a good share of the UK market, they are always going to get small, not very profitable orders.  We can help them target and be more effective in the way they promote themselves.” 

Commenting on the seminar, attendee Cornel S.K. Chua, Deputy General Manager, Business Development Department, Samsung Hong Kong Limited said: “I wanted to get information as my company has been selling in some European countries but we haven’t entered the UK yet. Now I understand more about the UK market and will inform my colleagues in Europe about this and ask them to get ready to sell the products there.”

China Information Day focused on sourcing trends and strategies in a difficult market environment. Presentations were made by Thaddaeus Mueller, Business Development Manager, Fiducia Management Consultants and Chen Yansheng, President of the China Association of Lighting Industry.

Another popular seminar was the Strategies in Urban Lighting Conference organised by the LUCI Association (Lighting Urban Community International) which attracted an audience of government officials, local authorities, lighting professionals, lighting planners and designers. Three speakers from the cities of Ghent, Paris and Kunming presented case histories about the formulating masterplans to improve city lighting.  They were Michel Peret, City Lighting Manager for Paris, France, Philip De Roo, Lighting Plan Project Manager for Ghent, Belgium and Yuan Jian Lin, Deputy Director, Urban Management Department, Kunming, China.

Other fringe programme events included Guangzhou International Lighting Technology Symposium 2009, the Innovation in Lighting Symposium, the 2nd China Lighting & Electrical Appliance Contest, the 4th Lighting Award Presentation Ceremony & Colloquium and China Solid-State Lightings (Guangzhou) CEO Conference.

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