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Paul James / Pete Brewis - Editorial Comment

December / January 2012/13

An introduction to the latest issue from the editor Paul James and deputy editor Pete Brewis ...

Paul James, editor, writes: 
For those of you who know me or follow me on twitter (@mondoarceditor), you will know that I have just returned from paternity leave following the birth of Effie Isabelle on November 5th (true to form, quite an explosive date in the British calendar!). Thank you for all your kind messages and concern that I am now completely outnumbered by girls in our house.

mondo*arc has also been very busy in my absence with a further two arrivals in preparation for some exciting new ventures that we are involved with. Rob Leeming has joined the team to give myself and Pete some much needed editorial assistance now that we have launched our new publication for decorative lighting in architecture, darc. There has been a remarkable response to our inaugural issue and we shall be publishing regular magazines next year including a special edition that will be distributed at The ARC Show next May as part of the May Design Series in ExCeL.

Talking of The ARC Show, due to our collaboration with the architectural and decorative lighting design event, we have also taken on a new sales person, Mark Hattersley, who will help us to grow our publications and, in tandem to that, the show. With our involvement in a sales and editing role, we intend to make The ARC Show much more of a mondo*arc type event with exhibitors that regularly appear on the pages of this magazine. To this end we are delighted to have secured the services of such architectural lighting manufacturers as ERCO, KKDC, Arcluce, LED Linear, Wibre, Ecosense, Philips Color Kinetics, Pharos, Anolis, Rosco, Nicolaudie, Rosco, LED Light Sheet, Astro, Radiance, Pulsar and Acclaim with many more to come. This is in addition to the many decorative brands like Moooi, Ligne Roset and Cameron Peters that are part of the show too. If you are an architectural or decorative lighting manufacturer or designer and would like to get involved with the show, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Pete Brewis, deputy editor, writes:  As this December/January issue spans those two months when the western world traditionally takes to the shopping streets - either to buy gifts or, come January, to return some well-intentioned monstrosity - it would seem an appropriate time to focus on the London retail scene.

There’s no doubt that technological advances have caused huge shifts in the way we now purchase goods; internet shopping has truly taken hold, leading many to bemoan the death of the high street... while simultaneously ticking off this year’s Christmas gift list with a few swipes of the smart phone. Why bother browsing the stores when you can browse the internet from the comfort of your armchair? The obvious answer is ‘for the retail experience’. More than ever, shops have to work harder to create a pleasant - or even exciting - environment, perhaps in ways that the average shopper doesn’t even register. And here (lighting) technology comes to the rescue, enabling retailers to set the mood and bring colours and textures to the fore. Our London retail report begins with Regent Street itself, where a long-term lighting masterplan has helped create a cohesive shopping destination. This has attracted a new wave of flagship stores, among them Burberry, our cover story this issue. Burberry has taken the technological approach to the next level. A trip to the changing room allows you to try on clothing under different lighting conditions, while one of the room’s mirrors, detecting the item’s hidden electronic tag, turns itself into a full height video screen showing relevant clips from catwalk shows - presumably to demonstrate how much better that shirt could look if paired with those trousers (...and worn by someone far better looking). The future of retail, it seems, is a brave new (and well lit) world.



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