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Lighthouse Design

This back page comes courtesy of designers working in hotter climes than our own: Augusto Bastos Ramalhão of Portugal and Mariana Novaes of Brazil who together form Lighthouse Design - LHD, a collaboration created after meeting at the ‘hothouse’ of lighting design, KTH’s Lighting Laboratory in Stockholm. more...

Michael Grubb Studio

This issue of the Back Page is brought to you by the team at the Michael Grubb Studio. more...

Chiara Carucci

We like to think that Light Collective is always in the habit of looking out for interesting and special people who will put their own spin on the back page and what inspiration means to them. more...

Concept Lighting Lab

Like the last Back Page, this edition is also based on the idea that what inspires us is already around us, should we choose to look, and our friend Claudia Kappl of Concept Lighting Lab has chosen to use an image of her local surroundings to illustrate what it is about light that inspires her. more...

EPOS design

This issue, Light Collective have approached Paul Ehlert from EPOS design (the only lighting designer in Austria we know!) for his graphic representation of what inspires him. more...


This month we have invited lighting design partnership BeersNielsen from the Netherlands to be our Back Page guests. (We are very fond of companies that only have two people in them!) more...

Nathalie Rozot

This month’s Back Page is courtesy of Nathalie Rozot, founder of PhoScope. more...

GNI projects

This issue, we have invited light artists GNI projects to reveal what inspires their work. more...

Traverso-Vighy Studios

Light Collective love daylight. But most of all Light Collective love passion. more...

James Bedell

The wonderful thing about curating the Back Page is that not only do we get to ask old friends and respected colleagues to participate but it also affords us the opportunity to make new friends. more...

Joe Vose, Light Bureau

After a global tour of inspiration, we have come back home to hear the voice of the next generation of UK designers. more...

Sáas Lighting

For all those Euro and US-centrics out there, guess what? The Mexican lighting design scene is alive and kicking. more...

Zackry Wiegand

We met Zack at the first Social Light Movement Workshop (which makes him a pioneer straight off) and after being bowled over by his group's beautiful and super-clever concept story for their design, knew he was one to watch. more...

Olssen & Linder

This month we invited tow of our co-founders from the Social Light Movement, Olsson and Linder, to guest start on the Back Page. more...

CMA Lighting

Ta-Wei Lin is the principal of CMA Lighting and is based in Taiwan. We originally met in Istanbul where he did the best Pecha Kucha we have ever seen. We asked him to be the subject of this months Back Page as he should actually have featured as one of our own inspirations. more...


After a successful showing of the previous 11 contributors' work for the Back Page at The ARC Show, no.12 comes from Anne Bureau of Wonderfulight and Marc Adi in France. Everyone who lives and breathes light can relate to the idea that it's something we catch and our obsession is therefore out of our control. Light Collective has definitely caught the virus. more...

Lighting Design Collective

This month’s last page is from the brilliantly named Lighting Design Collective! (How ever did they think of a name like that?) The company is based in Madrid and headed by Tapio Rosenius and (the original) Light Collective picked them this month ‘cos we knew they would create something special. We are not disappointed. Surely one of the most beautiful images ever to grace the last page of Mondo. They left a window open on Friday night and this is the scene that greeted them Monday morning after the wind blew in. Here’s what they say about Inspiration: “Inspiration is everywhere, it’s in all of us. Most of all it’s in having fun, being silly and sharing with each other...” more...


As the Back Page has not yet travelled to Australia, Light Collective asked their friends from Electrolight in Melbourne for their down under perspective on inspiration.

Beautifully succinct, they said:

“Collaboration drives our practice, narrative informs our process and dedication delivers our work. Our community is the reason why.

It is simply many heads, many hearts, many hands...” more...


Always keen to investigate cultural differences in inspiration, Light Collective invite Paulina Villalobos of Diav, Chile to share what motivates her. Diav is a Santiago based lighting practice with many gorgeous projects to its name, but we like to think of Paulina as the Princess of Darkness. We are currently helping her to organise a conference and darkness experience in the Atacama desert in 2012 designed to inspire attendees underneath the darkest sky on the planet. more...

wHY Architects

Light Collective proudly introduce more new friends: LA based wHY Architecture telling us hOW. Light Collective are collaborating with wHY on a special event in LAS on the 4th of November. Watch this space... more...



This issue, Light Collective invite their new friends at Haberdashery to share what turns them on. more...


Flynn Talbot

This issue, the back page hijackers Light Collective, invite Berlin based designer Flynn Talbot to share his inspirations with the Mondo reading world. more...

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