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Olssen & Linder

This month we invited tow of our co-founders from the Social Light Movement, Olsson and Linder, to guest start on the Back Page.

Not known for conforming, these two weird Swedes (and we can say that because we have just spent three days with them in Sweden having the piss taken out of our Englishness) like to buck trends. If you haven’t seen them start a lecture with one of their films – versions of Brokeback Mountain and Rocky – or heard about the kids dance group doing a Lady gaga number at one of their talks then you are missing out big time.

Erik and Joran are on a mission to bring Light to the people that need it most. Working on the forgotten estates of Sweden for them inspiration is born out of frustrations: ‘ we simply become angry when we see environments that are designed and built without love. We want something else…’



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