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Like the last Back Page, this edition is also based on the idea that what inspires us is already around us, should we choose to look, and our friend Claudia Kappl of Concept Lighting Lab has chosen to use an image of her local surroundings to illustrate what it is about light that inspires her.

She is lucky enough to live and work under the vast Arizona sky and we are jealous of her unrestricted access to such an incredible shifting and changing backdrop for life. Claudia says: “Most often my inspiration derives from the experience of a short and epiphanal moment during the day. A moment where light catches my attention and stops me in my tracks. A moment where light is comforting or glaring, sudden or subtle, poetic or harsh. The impact of this moment becomes inspirational and leaves me filled with wonder or joy. It depends on the ‘becoming aware’, ‘the registering’ of the presence of (or lack of) light in its manifold ways. To that extent, what inspires me about light has a lot to do with ‘learning to see’.”

Photo: © Claudia Kappl . Tucson/Arizona . Sunset.



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