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Lighthouse Design

This back page comes courtesy of designers working in hotter climes than our own: Augusto Bastos Ramalhão of Portugal and Mariana Novaes of Brazil who together form Lighthouse Design - LHD, a collaboration created after meeting at the ‘hothouse’ of lighting design, KTH’s Lighting Laboratory in Stockholm.

LHD have chosen to depict the idea that our subjective experience of light leads to transcendence or can be a vehicle for promoting change within a person.

“Here we try to make this message literal, as in entering a light vortex. Lighting may be metaphorical and it is from the extraction of meaning during an experience with light that new worlds are presented to us. This is akin to ‘revelation’ or ‘enlightenment’ and for us the ultimate reason why light has such connotation.

"Our purpose and inspiration is to create works that emphasise this inner motion between, before and after a given light experience, as we believe a person is never the same, or will never see a space the same way, after a spacial lighting experience.”


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