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Durham Marenghi

Issue 63 Oct / Nov 2011

The celebrated lighting designer has been appointed as curator of The ARC Show which will give the London architectural lighting event a sense of theatre. We caught up with him to discuss his plans.

You have such a varied background when it comes to lighting design, tell us what interested you in The ARC Show?
Initially I was invited to speak at The ARC Show by the IALD in 2008 and have been following the progress of the event ever since.

This is the first time The ARC Show has had a curator – what can we expect from you at the show?
I hope to be able to bring focus to an event about lighting design and not just product. Whilst product is of course of fundamental importance I want our event to touch on the more ‘fun’ aspects of our work and hopefully introduce and inspire architects to creative lighting design.

Who or what are your design inspirations?
Having started in theatre my heroes were the likes of Joe Davis, Robert Ornbo, John B Read, David Hersey, Andy Bridge and of course the leading light of Theatre Projects, Richard Pilbrow to whom we just awarded a Lifetime Recognition at the Knight of Illumination Awards. Aside from history, daily inspiration comes from keeping my eyes open to anything that is new and in the visible spectrum!
Which recent lighting innovations has impressed you the most?
LED lighting seems to have finally turned a corner in terms of the quality and colour rendering of white sources and opened up a whole new world of colour frequency tuning and manipulation which we hope to reveal more of at one of our speaker sessions.

What technological developments in the lighting industry can we expect in five years time?
LED lighting will continue to expand and hopefully with a little more truth being advertised about its particular attributes. The public sector will become more educated as to what good lighting is, much as our homes now sports digital sound and vision, and hopefully this will raise the standards of lighting technology across the board.
What do you love about lighting?
The discovery that you can make a living from a hobby and the way that, although very few understand the art and science of good lighting design, absolutely every creature blessed with eyesight is affected by it.

What is your proudest career moment to date?
Being invited to light Her Majesty the Queen’s Golden Jubilee at Buckingham Palace and the Winter Olympics Opening and Closing ceremonies in Turin remain the highlights for me personally.



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