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Henny van Nistelrooy

Issue 45 Oct / Nov 2008

Since graduating from London’s Royal College of Art in 2007, designer Henny van Nistelrooy has opened his own studio and created a unique light shade from textiles.

‘Fabrication’ is the name that Henny van Nistelrooy has given to his foray into the lighting industry. His light shades are the result of a Masters degree where he specialised in modifying weaving techniques, and Design London, a venture that mixes together the practices of science, technology, business, and design to create radical new approaches to design-led innovation.
“What drives me to design is my love for material, shape and technique,” says van Nistelrooy. “I have always been attracted by the possibilities that materials and production brings. This is where I find my stimulus.”

Netherlands-born van Nistelrooy has produced works in a wide variety of media including ceramics, wood, and plastic. It was during his studies at the Royal College of Art that he collaborated with a student from another discipline and began to see what could be done with textile machines. “I learnt how to work on a loom and discovered the possibilities of weaving. I then started thinking of ways to create a fabric that I could turn into a product,” van Nistelrooy explains. “My idea was to design the weave of a cloth so that when it comes off the machine the products could simply be cut apart to single or multiple pieces. It was something that had potential, and from there I have developed it.”

Focusing on the type of yarn, style of weaving, colours, patterns, and lighting quality, the decorative light fitting Fabrication was formed. The product is constructed from a special woven 3D fabric and a stainless steel wire spiral attached to a standard light fitting. The shade is created when the spiral pushes the cloth apart inside the hollow pockets that are woven in the fabric.
Van Nistelrooy has spent two years developing the complex fabric structures that incorporate lighting. Its highly adaptable production process allows Fabrication to be completely customised to create distinctive lighting objects to suit a range of interiors. The products are made in sizes from 35cm x 33cm up to 150cm x 10m, in a variety of weave options, colours, and materials, including silk. 

Van Nistelrooy offers a bespoke design service, product development, and installation of Fabrication whilst he continues to work on a number of new designs.


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