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Antonio Arévalo

Issue 48 Apr / May 2009

Antonio Arévalo chose the most recent 100% Design exhibition to launch his new company, AArevalo. Here we take a close look at what he's up to.

Antonio Arévalo pins much of his creative inspiration on his upbringing in El Salvador and in particular on watching his grandmother working as a patisserie chef. Years later, in England, he was party to an altogether more industrial design process when he secured employment at PDD Ltd. His education continued and he gained a BA in Product Design at Ravensbourne College and an MA with the Royal College of Arts in Product Design, all the while nuturing his ability to view “European design through Latin American eyes” lending what he believes to be “an unfamiliar edge” to his version of familiar household and commercial objects.

Wasting no time in getting his creations into the marketplace, Antonio chose last year’s 100% Design show to launch his own company, AAREVALO.

The company’s philosophy is to create “enduring, sophisticated design with a mysterious and wondrous quality that makes you want to look again and again.” The range of products with which the company have launched are all lighting related. Shown here is Stealth, available in two different sizes and manufactured from a single piece of smooth perspex. There’s no doubt that a name can be evocative and this name is certainly no exception. “The names that you give to products support the character behind that product. They are incredibly important. If you were to call everything Product 01, or Product 02, you would miss out an enormous amount of character that each product embodies or deserves. ‘Stealth’ can be seen as very aggressive because of the connotations of the bomber plane. But my feeling toward Stealth is that it is capturing a moment of movement, something that you wouldn’t usually be able to pin down, something mysterious but sophisticated. As you view the lampshade from different angles the bulb is concealed and then revealed, evoking the idea of intelligent movement that has captured a unique instant of form.”

With these being very early days for the company, it is unerstandable that AAREVALO is in a nascent state. There are plans to offer productrs outside the lighting sphere, as well as to provide a shop window for other designers, although the next launch is set to be a candelabra called Drift, inspired, bizarrely, by the idea of what would happen if a dragon blew out its candles.

As mondo*arc gives so much space to lighting installation, it is always informatiuve to ask designers such as Antonio whether they would relish a commission of that scale, in this case, it’s a clear yes, “50 per cent of the projects that we are currently working on are lighting installations, or custom made lighting projects so designing a lighting scheme within the context of building would be closely connected to our current work.“
So perhaps we will be seeing plenty more of Antonio within these pages. And perhaps next time, we might be able to offer you a portrait which brings him out of the shade.


Arevelo Stealth
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