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Exhibition shines light on the future

8 September 2011 10.30 BST

(UK) - New lighting exhibition at Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester developed by Dwelle and the lighting designers of Troup, Bywaters and Anders.

As the 60 watt lightbulb is phased out of use, 'Lighting the Future' exhibition in MOSI’s (Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester) Electricity gallery looks at the history of the electric light bulb, from the earliest public lights known as arc lamps in the 1880s and the ubiquitous incandescent General Light Service lamp, through to energy efficient LEDs. Examples include the award-winning Hulger Plumen curly lamp, the ACDC Storm Devil that uses an LED board with spiky fins to minimise waste, and the beautiful glowing Norlight bubble that uses colour-changing LEDs.
The exhibition, which was developed by Dwelle and the lighting designers of Troup, Bywaters and Anders in association with MOSI, shows the shape of lamps to come and demonstrates the significant energy savings over a conventional light bulb.
Nick Meddows, Lighting Designer at TB+A, said: “Lighting technology is constantly developing and now that the inefficient standard 60W bulb is no longer produced here in the UK, other lamp technologies such as LEDs will become common place in our everyday environments. It’s no longer the case that energy efficient lighting should be associated with poor light quality and unattractive luminaires and this exhibition  hopes to demonstrate just that.”
Exhibition Designer Ric Frankland of Dwelle said: “While many of the lamps on display are currently mainly used in commercial venues, we expect them to become increasingly attractive for personal use too. Around a fifth of all electrical use is on lighting and this rises to 40% in non-residential electrical usage. This could be more than halved if energy efficient bulbs were used throughout.”
MOSI Energy Curator John Beckerson said: “In the late 19th century the light bulb transformed peoples’ lives and continues to be perhaps the single most important electrical item in modern living. This inspiring exhibition is the latest update for our Electricity Gallery and is part of a wider drive at MOSI to encourage sustainable and environmental technology and recycling.”


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