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European Commission publishes 'Future of SSL' Green Paper

3 February 2012 11.00 GMT

(Belgium) - ‘Lighting the Future: Accelerating the deployment of innovative lighting technologies’ tackles future of SSL technology in Europe. Period of consultation available until February 29th 2012.

The Green Paper proposes to launch a number of new policy initiatives and a public debate in Europe with all interested parties for accelerating the wide deployment of SSL technology.

Available on the European Commission's website, the paper is aimed at a wide audience covering individual consumers and professional users, the lighting industry, the building and construction sector, architects, lighting designers, electrical installers, municipalities, public authorities, civil society communities, professional associations and all other relevant stakeholders involved or interested in the topic.

It first addresses policies targeting European users (professional users and consumers) for overcoming existing challenges for wider market uptake. It then proposes policies addressing the European lighting industry with the aim to foster its leading position and competitiveness thus contributing to the creation of growth and jobs in Europe.

For example, on the demand side (European users) the EC proposes to raise awareness and demonstrate to consumers, professional users and public procurers that SSL technology is of high quality and saves energy and money over its long lifetime, helping Europe meet its energy efficiency targets, and propose new initiatives to prevent early market failure. Whilst on the supply side (European lighting industry) the EC proposes, amongst other initiatives, a raft of policies that foster the competitiveness and global leadership of the lighting industry and contribute to the creation of growth and jobs in Europe.

Current market penetration of SSL in Europe is very low: the LED market share (in value) reached 6.2% in 2010. However several studies such as ‘Lighting the way: Perspectives on the global lighting market’ by McKinsey & Company (2011) predict that SSL will account for more than 70% of Europe’s general lighting market by 2020.

Commenting on the initiative, mondo*arc's LED expert Dr. Geoff Archenhold said, “This affords a great opportunity to the European lighting industry with such a rapid growth rate in Europe over the next eight years. I cannot think of any market that will have such strong demand in these timescales.”

The Green Paper highlights that lighting accounts for 50% of the electricity consumption of European cities and increasingly, cities are developing sustainable urban lighting strategies integrated with urban development policies and implemented in close cooperation with lighting designers, architects and town planners. The potential of SSL to become the replacement technology for more than 90 million traditional street lights in Europe and its fast evolution are motivating many European cities to launch pilot actions to familiarise themselves with this technology, to experience its main benefits and to understand possible drawbacks.

View the Green Paper here:

Read Dr. Geoff Archenhold's critique of the Green Paper HERE.


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