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6 February 2012 17.30 GMT

(UK) - The Innovation Awards will be making its debut at this year's The ARC Show. The competition attracted a diverse range of entries. The shortlisted products will be displayed at the show.

The panel consisted of David Morgan, product designer; Paul James, editor of mondo*arc; Kevin Theobald, President of the International Association of Lighting Designers and principal of KTLD; James Dilley, Associate Director of architectural design practice Jestico & Whiles; and Durham Marenghi, lighting designer and curator of The ARC Show. From the many entries the panel came up with a shortlist of fifteen that will be displayed at The ARC Show. The winners, as voted by the judges panel and by the visitors to the show, will be announced at The ARC Show.

a) ACDC Lighting / AZETA (ROUND)
A new family of technical, dimmable, recessed geared LED downlights offering lumen outputs equivalent to 20 and 35 Watt Metal Halide. The simple, clean design and deep recessed LED position, with the choice of interchangeable optics and accessories, make this a visually stunning, flexible luminaire.

b) Architectural lighting Works / ECO Trapeze
This suspended wire system helps promote cooling, providing lifetime up to 50k hours. More efficient LEDs and higher voltage keeps the current low (<5 Amps), whilst providing the same amount of light as 500W of halogen with only 150W of LED.

c) Crestron / Green light power pack
The Crestron Green Light Power Pack is a standalone room controller designed to communicate with photocells, occupancy sensors, and control lighting in any room. The entire Power Pack family provides cost-effective and powerful lighting control for classrooms, small offices, and open-plan offices.

d) Deltalight / Metronome 
Deltalight has worked in collaboration with fashion designer Tim Van Steenbergen to rework their Husk fitting to become a totally new creation. The pendant comes in 3 versions: Metronome XXL (tailor-made) and two smaller variations (Metronome with and without top part of HUSK model).

e) ERCO / Opton Spotlights
The Spherolit technology featured in Opton is easily replaced without tools to produce a wide range of light distribution patterns for flexible lighting solutions. Its modular design means that Opton is suited particularly for frequently changing lighting requirements such as in shop windows, for example.

f) Helvar / uSee Hub & Panels
uSee Hub is a web-based system management software that allows users to control their lighting system from any web accessing device. As well as controlling your system the uSee Hub allows users to wirelessly monitor energy usage and make changes to improve efficiency.

g) inox / Led Diva 2
LED Diva 2 is a seamless linear lED luminaire for cabinets and small architectural details. All connections are ‘plug and play’ and for further ease of installation, two fixing methods are provided – metal clips or adhesive-backed metal plates that the luminaire fixes to magnetically.

h) Inspired by Design / Wookyee LL
Wookyee LL is a peculiar union, between a hanging and floor lamp. It is fitted with two different LED light sources: an atmosphere light and a power light. Powered from the bottom it can be hung on the ceiling or put on a stand, with speakers wirelessly controlled by your iPod.

i) Pharos / Touch Panel Controller
The TPC is an advanced, standalone, LED controller with an integrated 4.3” capacitive touch screen. No other touch screen product includes an advanced lighting controller in the same enclosure – a complete lighting control solution.

j) Vista Light / one.LED
At only 4mm thin, One.LED is the sleekest luminaire on the market. The 9.5W LED board can be replaced and, with no wiring within the luminaire, it’s also very rugged. Efficiency is 73lm/W with 700lm to 2800lm output.

k) Whitegoods / Universal LED module
The Universal LED Module (ULM) is a revolutionary approach to sustainable lighting solutions. Whitegoods has designed the ULM to accept various market leading LED emitters, just like traditional luminaire and lamp ideology. Just like the rest of the Whitegoods family, it can also be replaced or upgraded without replacing the whole luminaire.

l) FDV Group / Katana Dual Inside
Dual Inside is a revolutionary, multi-functional and multi-sensorial design that radically changes how we perceive and understand light and sound. It features easy-to-use Sensai technology that allows you to play your favourite music from any device with a Bluetooth connection.

m) applelec / Curved LED Light Sheet
Addressing a problematic feature of a retail space, the structural column, Applelec experimented with curving the acrylic used in its LED Light Sheet with a view to developing a slim, curved light box. The result is an 8mm thick curved panel that delivers bright, even illumination. 

n) Photonstar / CLE LED Module: ChromaWhite Tungsten+
Matching or outperforming halogen in all parameters, ChromaWhite Tungsten+ provides a reliable, high colour quality, efficient source without the concerns over colour shift, without shortfalls in rendering certain colours including red (R9), as well as matching dimming characteristics. 

o) iGuzzini / iQ
iQ has been developed to illuminate a column achieving uniform linear light without the usual scallop on the bottom part. The basic idea of iQ is to undo the usual centered source and dismantle the typical recessed up light round fixture into 4 parts of the curve.

The ARC Show takes place at the Business Design Centre in Islington, the heart of the design community in London, on February 29th and March 1st.


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