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Havells-Sylvania opens new Frankfurt showroom

28 August 2012 15.30 BST

(Germany) - Innovative space created by renowned lighting designers, Licht Kunst Licht AG, provides support through extraordinary light and sound installation, ‘Suns Shine’.

Six individual cubes have been created to demonstrate different lighting application areas including museum, food, fashion, jewelry, shop windows and restaurants. Connecting all of the cubes is a runway of LED panels in a rainbow of colours. The walkway leads into a futuristic, bright red conference table with nine LED panels placed on the ceiling. These nine panels can be activated separately via DMX control to create the right atmosphere.

In a separate room visitors can immerse themselves in a world of experience with the light and sound installation ‘Suns Shine', in which they will miss the visual and auditory reference to everyday life.

"Our aim was to design and create a light-space adventure that could offer an unusual audiovisual experience in an unexpected location" commented Andreas Schulz, Chairman of the Board at Licht Kunst Licht. "The visitor enters the installation space through a light lock of black curtains, which excludes all the light and noise coming from the showroom. The rectangular room is transformed into a lit corridor with a mesh material running the full height of the room. We used Concord Stadium PRO LED spotlights behind the mesh to create a 3D effect. The visual stimuli intensify when passing through the light installation because of increasing luminance levels and emitters, which is supported by spherical sounds from an audio sound system."

Combining the power of light and its effects with the need to best demonstrate Havells-Sylvania's own product range was essential and down to Tina Leicht of Havells-Sylvania to organise; "Our ambition was to not just display our products but show them in use; how do they interact with the environment which they are designed for. We wanted to create light solutions as an experience and create something modern and unexpected. The visitors who walk out of our showroom will remember our brand, what we created with our products and see our modern and innovative side.

"It was important for us to create separate areas in our showroom that each highlights a different aspect of lighting. At the same time, we did not want to lose the connection between these different areas and guarantee a flow to the scheme. The architecture of our office, which is based around a circle is somewhat reflected in the design of our showroom. You can take a journey through lighting applications and the whole office has been integrated for that purpose. Therefore, we are not only presenting one showroom but use the whole of our office as a showroom. The lounge area, at the end of the lighting path we show our LED panels and lighting control systems and RGB colouring, is used for real meetings and presentations. We want our products to be innovative and practical and the best way to show that is to install them creatively and work with them.

"We wanted visitors to have an experience of lighting and lighting solutions. What is the purpose of light? We show our lighting solutions in applications, as a necessity i.e. in the offices and used as art in the LKL installation, all in one place. We want to show that our products are practical and honest. Used in different environments we show that our lighting solutions are doing the job and the unexpected; thinking outside the box.

"By not creating a product display but a products application showroom, we have ensured we have balanced the demands of a showroom whilst ensuring we create an innovative lighting showcase."


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