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LFI 2013 Innovation Awards winners announced

24 April 2013 12.00 BST

(USA) - Judges announce winners of the Lightfair International 2013 Innovation Awards.

As part of this year's Lightfair International, taking place in Philidelphia's Pennsylvania Convention Centre from 21-25 April, a panel of expert judges has revelaed the winners of the Innovation Awards. The succesful entrants in the four main categories were...


BoldPlay - Philips Ledalite

"BoldPlay is a new portfolio of high-performance LED lighting systems that consume 28 percent less energy than traditional technologies such as fluorescent with efficacies 44 percent higher.  Integrating daylight harvesting with the latest Philips LED technology and advanced optics, BoldPlay is the latest in the Philips’ family of luminaires to offer building owners a flexible, intuitive lighting solution  that requires less fixtures in a space,  while delivering all the light quality, energy efficiency and cost savings that have become hallmarks of Philips products."

Moldable Silicones - Dow Corning

"The properties of these Moldable Silicones allow them to be designed and injection moulded into complex shapes, thicker and bigger parts and even undercuts; which are difficult to create with currently available optical materials. Applications include secondary optics –optical elements to diffuse, focus and distribute light–light pipes, and light guides in LED lamps & luminaries. The combination of high temperature resistance, UV resistance and non-yellowing effect can enhance lumen maintenance which makes the materials ideally suited for indoor and outdoor lighting applications without risk of degradation."

Light Sheet - Cooledge Lighting

"A cutting edge LED light sheet that provides high quality lighting while eliminating many of the constraints and challenges that existing LED systems impose.  This new medium for lighting combines the mechanical, electrical and LED source together into a flexible sheet of light. Luminaire designs using light sheet can be fluid, thin and minimal in both design and material choices. The light sheet utilises a highly dense pattern of LEDs on a thin plastic substrate, delivering on the promise of OLEDs with the reliability and performance of LEDs."

hue - Philips Lighting

"hue connected bulbs and bridge let you to take full control of your lighting from iPhone or iPad. Users can create light settings based on a favourite photo, choose from expert light recipes to help you relax or concentrate, or even set timers to help wake up and keep pace with a user's day."


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