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Recolight urges small WEEE producers not to miss 31st January deadline

13 November 2013 14.45 GMT

(UK) - Clause in revised WEEE regulations allows registered small producers to join scheme for just £30 a year.

The new WEEE regulations include a provision that companies selling less than 5 tonnes of lamps or luminaires, or other electrical equipment, are classed as “Small Producers”. This de minimis clause means they do not have to join a Producer Compliance scheme in 2014.  Instead, they can opt to register direct with the Environment Agency at a cost of just £30 for a full year. Companies have until 31st January 2014 to decide if they want to register as a Small Producer. As an alternative, companies can stay with or join a Producer Compliance Scheme.
In response to this new clause, Recolight now offers an Associate Membership of its compliance scheme for smaller lighting industry producers. This includes registration as a small producer, at a low, all inclusive charge.
Recolight has written to all its existing members that are now classed as small producers to give them an option to stay as an Associate Member of Recolight. So far, all Recolight’s small producer members have opted to become Associate Members. This will ensure they continue to benefit from Recolight’s collection network and have the assurance that their B2B collection obligations will still be met.
It is important to note, that while de minimis producers selling B2B products do not need to join a compliance scheme, they will still be required to make arrangements for their WEEE to be collected.
Commenting on the news, Recolight Chief Executive Nigel Harvey said: “The new WEEE regulations are clearly intended to make compliance simple and low cost for small producers. We think that is right, and we are happy to mirror the approach in our scheme. We hope all those Recolight members that are small producers will take up our Associate Membership. But if they want to register direct with the Agency instead, we are happy to release them from their contractual commitment to Recolight. We are delighted that so far all have decided to remain with us as Associate Members for 2014.”
Dick Clarke, Managing Director of Clandell Ltd said, “We were pleased to hear that the new WEEE regulations have an opt-out for small producers. Recolight wrote to us, and gave us the choice of staying with Recolight, or of registering directly with the EA. Recolight works well for us, so it was an easy choice. We are delighted to remain with the Recolight compliance scheme, but also to have the reduced costs associated with a small producer.”

Further information about the new WEEE regulations can be obtained from Recolight or viewed here:


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