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IALD donate to Lighting Education Trust

7 March 2009 17.00 BST

(UK) - The International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) has approved a $5,000 USD donation to the Lighting Education Trust (LET).

The donation is made in support of LET's efforts to train future practitioners of architectural lighting design.

“This support is a direct result of the IALD’s interest to invest in the future of the lighting profession,” said Marsha Turner, IALD Executive Vice President. “We realize that there is a learning curve for those new to architectural lighting design in the status quo, and are happy to contribute to efforts to bridge this knowledge gap.”
“The generous donation from the IALD is not just a boost to LET funds, but it also raises our spirits in encouraging us that we are on the right track,” said Hugh Ogus, Chairman of LET.
LET was established in the United Kingdom in 1995 as a charitable trust for “the advancement of public education in the subject of Lighting and Lighting Design and Engineering by funding such university degree courses and such other courses at any educational establishments as the Trustees shall from time to time decide.”
Since 1995, the UK Lighting Education Trust has worked to fill training gaps in the UK and promote good lighting practice through:
Three renowned industry-specific lighting qualifications, UCL’s flagship MSc course, the LET Diploma, and the LET Intermediate course, which are training the next generation of lighting specialists and educators.

Supporting the work of Bartlett Lighting at UCL, a centre of excellence that offers advice and expertise for the lighting and building industries throughout the UK.

Lighting training throughout the UK, for all levels of ability and ambition.

A BSc in Lighting, being developed in co-operation with leading specialists.
According to Ogus, the LET is currently developing an undergraduate course leading to a Bachelors degree in lighting: “This award from the IALD is absolutely invaluable as we are well advanced in setting the syllabus and seeking to be able to announce the start of the degree as early as September this year."


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