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Tino Kwan addresses iGuzzini audience

2 July 2014 11.00 BST

(Italy) - Prestigious Asian lighting designer flies to Italy to give keynote presentation on his work.

iGuzzini is currently hosting a series of talks from some of the world's leading lighting designers in order to find ways of constantly guaranteeing top products and services. The Italian lighting manufacturer firmly believes that this is an effective way to extend its network and enhance its know-how with the personal experiences of worldwide experts.

On 25th June the guest was Tino Kwan, one of Asia's most prestigious and influential lighting designers, who came to the iGuzzini headquarters in Recanati to give an extremely interesting keynote speech to 250 employees and a selection of press guests.

Introducing Kwan, the company chairman, Adolfo Guzzini, commented, “We first met Tino 38 years ago when he was working in London for the American company, Dale Keller & Associates, one of the leading architectural lighting studios in Europe. On behalf of everyone here, I would like to thank Tino for accepting our invitation. We must not be afraid of opening up to the differences that the people and cultures from other countries can give us. And as we continually seek to generate fresh know-how at iGuzzini, today is a great opportunity for us.”

Kwan, a specialist in lighting architectural interiors, exteriors and landscapes, treated the guests to a fascinating journey of sounds and images that demonstrated the amazing things that have been happening in Asian architecture over recent years. Starting from Tokyo, and continuing through Taipei and Shanghai to reach Hong Kong and Macao, the lighting designer demonstrated how light can become a key element in enhancing details, emphasising dimensions and creating a precise, attractive and people-friendly atmosphere.

Kwan is widely recognised as being one of the most influential and prestigious lighting designers in the world, and especially in Asia. He has personally designed over 1000 projects in 20 different countries, ranging from palaces in Iran to the most luxurious hotels in Tokyo. He has won numerous prizes, including being named one of Hong Kong's Ten Most Outstanding Designers in 2007 and receiving the Outstanding Greater China Design Award two years running in 2008 and 2009. He also been given awards from The China Illuminating Engineering Society in 2006 and 2008, The Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan in 2008 and The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America in 2009.

After his experience in London with Dale Keller & Associates, he returned to Hong Kong where he opened his own studio. He rapidly became the best known lighting designer in the city and began attracting both high-end fashion brand clients and international hotel chains, such as Louis Vuitton, the Armani stores in Hong Kong, the International Finance Center II, and numerous hotels and complexes, such as the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Shanghai, Peninsula Tokyo and Four Seasons Macao.

“The secret lies in dedicating 80% of your time to understanding what the other professionals working on the project, especially the interior designers, are seeking to express. And why certain materials, colours or forms have been chosen. Once this has been established, our work becomes much quicker and easier,” revealed Kwan in his speech.

iGuzzini and Tino Kwan first began working together back in the late 1970s. And since then Kwan has designed for the company a series of high performance, recessed luminaires specifically for hotel chains. The partnership has also completed many major projects, including the MGM in Macao, the Mandarin Regional Executive Offices, the Four Seasons Hotel, the Indigo Hotel, the Loewe Boutique and the Mango Tree Restaurant in Hong Kong.

Given the level of interest displayed by both employees and guests, iGuzzini is currently considering opening these seminars to the wider public.

Look out for an in-depth interview with Tino Kwan in the Oct/Nov issue of mondo*arc.


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