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September 29th deadline for Call for Ideas from Lighting-Related Organizations

20 August 2014 09.00 BST

(Worldwide) - Lighting professionals invited to participate in strategy to promote, present and celebrate lighting design as part of the United Nations International Year of Light 2015.

Lighting-Related Organizations (L-RO) have launched a Call for Ideas for events to frame the general concept of the United Nations - International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies 2015 (IYL2015). Entry forms are due by September 29th, with selected Ideas being announced in November 2014.

L-RO represent a broad global professional community of people who work with light and lighting in the built environment. In particular, the representatives of 30 associations, collectives, universities, events and media from 20 countries formed L-RO in April 2014 with the keen interest in the public recognition of lighting design and education, that is embodied in the IYL2015.

Events can be considered as any approach to light and its technology such as scientific, social, ecological, technical, educational, cultural, artistic and so on. If the Idea is worthwhile and replicable elsewhere, your event could become a format and help other colleagues in raising awareness for Lighting Design.

The goal of the Call for Ideas is to acknowledge innovative events with the potential to enhance the international recognition of the lighting design, especially during the IYL2015. Participating is important to lighting designers and educators, students and lighting enthusiasts aiming to contribute with quality and vibrancy to IYL2015 and tap into the constantly growing lighting community.

Ideas could be implemented on a local scale or on a global scale and could be categorized by the target of the activity into three different categories: 1. Small circle: lighting experts - 2. Medium circle: architects, designers, engineers etc. - 3. Big circle: General public.

By participating in the Call for Ideas, Lighting-Related People will join their voices to show how lighting design is fundamental, how our profession can enhance the everyday life, how to be enlightened! The IYL2015 is a big occasion for the recognition and the strategic value of Lighting Design and Education. L-RO need the commitment of the professionals, individuals or groups, who will increase the participation and contribute with their events.

All the ideas included in the official General Activities Programme by L-RO will have international spread, through the members of L-RO, will be given privileged publication opportunities in the press and general media coverage from all over the world.

What you have to know to submit your ideas entry:
1. Ask for the Entry form from your organisation, if you need any other information read the FAQ.
2. Share your idea, sketches and reference images with partners to build your organisation chart.
3. Structure the material list and the financial plan for your event. More info in the Guidelines section.
4. Look for a free date in the Calendar pages and set up the time schedule.
5. Submit your proposal to be part of the IYL2015 and support UNESCO with L-RO!


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