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LIF announces EMILAS winners

8 June 2009 14.30 BST

(UK) - New Energy Management and Innovation in Lighting Award Scheme winners announced.

May 2009 saw one of the most significant highlights in the UK lighting industry’s calendar - as well as being the Lighting Industry Federation’s AGM/Annual Luncheon - the winners of the Federation’s new Energy Management and Innovation in Lighting Award Scheme (EMILAS) were announced.

“We were delighted with the number of entries received – and their quality – for the lighting award scheme, which focuses on the upgrading of existing installations to improve energy-efficiency and encourages owners/users to upgrade their existing lighting installations,” commented LIF President Peter Denny.

“A prime objective of EMILAS is to give recognition to lighting schemes showing proven energy savings with a minimum 20% improvement over previously installed schemes.

“The response far exceeded expectations and reflects the dramatic impact of evolving energy efficiency lighting schemes across a diverse range of sectors and applications.

“Great inroads are being made by The Lighting Industry with new technologies available that bring significant benefits in contributing towards building a low carbon economy – which can only be achieved by the refurbishment of existing buildings with modern lighting schemes.”

Category A (Indoor Workplace):
Winner: Thorn – Gateshead Council

Scheme energy performance improvement over the previous scheme = circa 58%.

For Gateshead Council’s Civic Centre
Recessed and surface T5 luminaires incorporating individual intelligent automatic presence and daylight dimming controls.
First UK site to use Lumicom waste disposal as part of WEEE Directive.

Routine maintenance wiring testing achieved through luminaires with individual controls and double pole isolation switches.

Category B (Outdoor Workplace):
Winner: Holophane – Siemens Traincare
Scheme significantly increased lighting performance whilst simultaneously reducing energy usage.
Project for Old Oak Depot, Acton.
Prismatron dimmable Highbay lighting.
Using Venture lamps
Daylight monitoring and non-occupancy over-ride.
Customer required point-for-point replacement and enhanced lighting levels.

Category C (Sports Lighting):
Winner: Chalmor – Nottingham City Council, Harvey Haddens Sports Complex
Scheme energy performance improvement = circa 35%.
For indoor sports hall including running track.
54W dual switching IP54 rated fittings.
Mini occupancy sensors, Bluewave six-channel controller, Weatherproof light level sensor.
Staged zone control, daylight monitoring by photocells, timers/programmers, occupancy detection.

Category D (Road/Amenity Lighting):
Winner: Philips – Surrey County Council/Godalming Traders Association

Scheme energy performance score % change from previous scheme to new = 55% (dimmed output).

Appropriate lighting installation for cluster of traders in the town that first had electricity.
Shopping street by day, residential at night.
Philips Paxton lanterns with 60W CosmoWhite lamps and Lumistep dimming, mostly mounted on wall brackets.
Philips Cosmo White, Ra 60 plus, 2800K, 60W.
Mounting height varies – approx 5m MH and 30m spacing.
Lumistep six hour dimming down to 45W from 12.00 to 6.00am.

Category E (Floodlighting/Building Facades):

Winner: Holophane – Bournemouth Borough Council
Scheme energy performance improvement from previous scheme = 99%.
For Bournemouth Pier – decorative purposes.
LED12 colour changing uplights.
Luxeon colour changing LEDs, 1.2Watts.
Photocell and time lock on/off.

Category F (New category {BSEN 1837}, Lighting in Machinery:
The judging decided to introduce a new category to reflect some entries, which did not fit easily into the original categories - for lighting in machinery.
Winner: Philips – Tesco
The application involved Philips Lighting working with Tesco for its freezer lighting solution installation across Tesco stores nationwide.


The award winners at LIF's AGM

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