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Ceravision launches new standard in lighting – High Efficiency Plasma (HEP)

23 November 2009 16.00 GMT

(UK) - Ceravision Ltd, a world leader in energy efficient plasma lighting, has today launched a new technology called ‘High Efficiency Plasma Lighting’, which uses less than half the power of existing lighting technologies.

High Efficiency Plasma technology has two attributes.  Firstly, it must be capable of delivering at least 90 lumens per systems watt and secondly, it must be able to greatly reduce the number of fittings in an installation by the efficient transmission of light.
Tim Reynolds, Ceravision’s CEO, says: “After a number of years of development and testing, we are proud to launch our new High Efficiency Plasma technology. This unique approach to plasma lighting is able to give substantial, genuine energy savings at a competitive price. I am also pleased that the unique design of our lamp is proving to be the fixture maker’s dream. Our configuration ensures that much more of the light is collected and distributed to where it is required than has ever been possible before.
“Our initial installations are already demonstrating that we can provide so much usable light that users can substantially reduce the number of fittings they require.  When you add the like-for-like power savings to this, we are able to reduce actual energy consumption by over 50%.  No other lighting product on the market is even close to delivering these levels of efficiency.”
The benefits of Ceravision’s High Efficiency Plasma technology do not end here.  All systems can be dimmed to 20% giving extra flexibility and additional power savings,  re-strike times of less than one minute are standard and,  furthermore, the intelligent lighting control system embedded in every High Efficiency Plasma system allows the control of each fixture from anywhere in the world.
Testing of Ceravision’s first product in its ALVARATM range of High Efficiency Plasma Technology is now underway prior to launching it to the industrial lighting market.


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