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Ceravision and Toshiba Electronics sign HEP development and supply agreement

1 December 2009 16.00 GMT

(UK) - Ceravision Ltd has formed a strategic alliance with Toshiba Electronics to accelerate development of advanced magnetrons for lighting applications

Tim Reynolds, Ceravision’s CEO, stated: “We are delighted to have Toshiba Electronics as our partner.  This programme will allow us to further develop the efficiency of our technology with a world-class provider.  Our supply agreement with Toshiba will also further enhance the quality of our components as well as giving confidence to our customers that their volume requirements can be met.  We have tried and tested many commercial magnetrons over the last year and Toshiba has consistently demonstrated industry-leading performance.
“Whilst our High Efficiency Plasma technology’s performance already greatly exceeds that of incumbent technologies, achieving even greater efficiencies remains our primary goal.  This partnership will allow us to extend our system advantages whilst further increasing the amount of energy our products save.”
Ted Schurch, General Manager Sales, Toshiba Electronics Europe, commented: “Ceravision is a highly innovative company whose technology advances are leading the way in the development of new forms of high efficiency lighting. Toshiba is pleased that its super high efficiency magnetrons have been judged by Ceravision to be the best partners for its groundbreaking system.”
Ceravision will shortly be releasing its first product family incorporating all of the benefits of High Efficiency Plasma.  These include power savings of up to 67%, reduction in the number of fittings of up to 50%, extended lifetimes and increased intelligent lighting controls.   Named the AlvaraTM range, the first product will be the AlvaraTM 400 which has been designed to replace existing 400W products. Other products for sectors such as street lighting are due to follow shortly afterwards.


Toshiba and Ceravisiion
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