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Mexican President Launches Nationwide Sustainable Light Program

17 December 2009 10.30 GMT

(Mexico) - President Felipe Calderon Hinojosa launched a new program "Luz Sustentable (Sustainable Light)", with intended to achieve annual savings of $539 million pesos and lower the country’s carbon emissions.

The  program is based on the success of pilot program "Green Light", organised by Cool NRG, and supported by companies like Philips, HSBC and Televisa Verde, through which one million energy efficient lamps were delivered to 250,000 households in the city of Puebla, Mexico.

Announcing the move, President Calderon said, "In an orderly and efficient way, we begin now the process to replace, in the middle term, all incandescent bulbs in the country with energy efficient lamps. One of my administration goals is to allow a gradual replacement of bulbs through regulatory changes. We propose that, for the next decade, almost all of the 300 million lamps in the country will be energy efficient."

He also ordered the Energy and Environment Ministries to prepare a statute and apply it before the end of this administration, by means of which all incandescent bulbs will be replaced by energy efficient lamps and thereby generate energy savings. This demonstrates that Mexico has begun taking the lead on environmental care. If only a quarter of Mexican houses would use energy efficient lamps, savings of 47 mega watts per year and over 24 thousand tons of carbon dioxide would be generated.

"We estimate that nowadays, we use almost 220 million conventional bulbs per year, and, over the same period, we use no more than 20 or 25 million energy saving lamps. This shows that we have a long road ahead, and programs like “Luz Verde” (Green Light) help accelerating this necessary change", explained Jorge Avila, Director of Philips Luminaries Mexico.

Emilio Azcarraga Jean, CEO of Televisa Group, stated that the Sustainable Light Program has the ability to benefit more than 7.5 million Mexican families by reducing millions of tons of greenhouse gases.

In the city of Puebla, where the Luz Verde pilot program was launched, one million energy efficient lamps were exchanged and granted in less than a month to more than 250 thousand low income households. These families will be saving, overall, more than 50 million pesos in energy savings, and the government will also be saving 65 million pesos in subsidies.


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