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US Department of Energy launches municipal consortium on LED street lighting

21 April 2010 10.00 BST

(USA) - The US Department of Energy has selected Seattle City Light, supplier of electricity and related services to Seattle, Washington, to lead a national initiative to help guide municipalities in evaluating LED street lighting.

Edward Smalley of Seattle City Light will lead the Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium, which will collect, analyze, and share information and lessons learned in relation to LED street lighting demonstration across the country.

Interest in LED street lighting is growing rapidly across the US, fuelled in part by cities looking to use American Recovery and Reinvestment Act/Block Grant funding to replace existing street lighting with energy-efficient LEDs.

The relative newness of LED lighting has led to uncertainty among governing bodies and raised concerns about making large-scale mistakes with products that are not up to the mark in terms of performance, or expected durability/lifetime in a real-world environment. The Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium represents a coordinated effort among interested cities, power providers, government entities and others to minimize duplication of effort and spread associated risk across multiple locations.

Cities and power providers and others who invest in street and area lighting are invited to join the Consortium and share their experiences through national and regional meetings, webcasts, web-based discussion forums, and other means. The goal is to build a repository of valuable field experience and data that will significantly accelerate the learning curve for buying and implementing high quality, energy-efficient LED street lights. The DOE Consortium efforts are funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Consortium is to be a user's group, focused on the needs of participants making investments in SSL street and area lighting products. Manufacturers are excluded from membership, although they may be invited to become Guests. Manufacturers will occasionally be solicited to make presentations on topics of interest to the Consortium, and will also be provided the opportunity to review draft Consortium documents prior to their becoming final.

More information can be found on the consortium website:


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