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Traxon Technologies join forces with AGC and Haver & Boecker

19 April 2010 12.00 BST

(Frankfurt) - Traxon Technologies have entered into two new strategic alliances that will allow the company to expand their provision of LED lighting systems.

In the double announcement made at this year’s Light + Building exhibition, Traxon revealed it would be working with both Haver & Boecker, an industry leader in wire weaving, and AGC, a leading glass manufacturer.

The Haver & Boecker alliance is designed to allow production of Imagic Weave, a media façade that fusses stainless steel wire mesh and state-of-the-art LED technology. The first installation of Imagic Weave was finalised in August 2009 on the exterior façade of the Haver & Boecker headquarters in Germany.

For their part, Traxon’s control brand, e:cue lighting control, offers complimentary control products for the Imagic Weave such as the Video Micro Converter (VMC) for simple video integration of video content using DVI input and featuring a dedicated communication protocol (e:pix) specially designed by e:cue for improved control of the Imagic Weave.

Commenting on the agreement, Mike Mastroyiannis, Managing Director of Traxon Technologies Ltd. said, “Our partnership with Haver & Boecker will utilize their precision manufacturing, experience in facades and the ability to modify their wire mesh to fit specific LED profiles, creating lighting spectacles.” He continued, “In addition, the alliance will see both companies utilising their worldwide presence to support projects locally.”

Traxon’s second strategic alliance, with AGC, is targeted towards producing innovative high-quality LED glass solutions globally. New high-quality LED glass (Glassiled) is a unique way to light up the glass to create an unprecedented visual experience while keeping full transparency. This innovative high-quality LED glass is, say AGC, the ideal solution for architectural façades, retails shops, and applications within the hospitality sector.
AGC is one of the world’s leading advanced glass solutions companies with an extensive global network and manufacturing facilities. 
Andre Ribesse, Glassiled Manager of AGC, commented, “Coupled with the most advanced glass and LED technologies, customers can enjoy low energy consumption, high durability, better solar control and safety with the high performance high quality LED glass (Glassiled).” He went on to say, “Building on Traxon’s extensive experience in innovative and flexible LED solutions, we look forward to creating further lighting experiences for customers around the world.”
Apart from the advantages of adopting LED technologies such as longevity, space-saving, and monochrome or sophisticated RGB color mixing options, innovative Glassiled can bring out all benefits of glass in any environment with its modern, shiny appearance and unscratchable, easy-to-clean features. It also maximises the freedom of design as almost any drawing or logo can be converted into LED patterned glass.
“Our partnership with AGC will enhance our portfolio of LED systems and in combination with our control systems we will be able to offer  superb and innovative LED  Glass  based solutions to the market,” says Mike Mastroyiannis.  “In addition, the alliance will create further synergies from both companies’ global presence to support local customer needs.”


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