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GE LED retrofit lamp awarded first LED Energy Saving Trust approval

4 June 2010 14.00 BST

(UK) - The 4W GU10 LED from GE Lighting is the first retrofit LED lamp to gain approval by the Energy Saving Trust's product certification scheme. Designed to retrofit international standard size and shape reflector lamps, the GU10 LED lamp consumes only 4W of power, allowing 80% energy savings to be achieved.

The Energy Saving Trust is the UK's leading organisation set up to try and prevent climate change by helping everybody to cut carbon dioxide emissions from their homes and transport. The Energy Saving Trust Recommended scheme’s Category Marketing Manager, Toni de la Motta stated, “We are pleased that GE lighting has taken this step to be the first manufacturer to certify a LED lamp on the scheme. This will undoubtedly help us to meet our objective of reducing carbon emissions from the household sector by making the most energy efficient products available to consumers.”

The GU10 LED lamp has been shown to meet a variety of stringent criteria set by the Energy Saving Trust including beam angle, candela, colour rendering, power factor, colour temperature and physical size and shape. The Energy Saving Trust  Recommended scheme only certifies the highest performing products that make a significant contribution to energy savings.  All products have to be verified by Third Party Test laboratories to gain Energy Saving Trust Recommended approval.

"We are delighted with the approval from the Energy Saving Trust and it is a significant milestone in the evolution of LEDs," explained Mike Barrett, Commercial Director, UK & Nordic Region at GE Lighting. "This is the first time an LED lamp has been awarded approval by the Energy Saving Trust Recommended scheme and GE Lighting has set a high standard for the industry by demonstrating what high quality, well designed LEDs in the appropriate application can achieve."


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