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Martin Professional founder Peter Johansen joins SGM

10 November 2010 09.00 GMT

(Italy) - Peter Johansen, founder of Martin Professional, has rejoined the lighting industry as Director of R&D at entertainment and architectural lighting manufacturer SGM.

Based in Aarhus, Denmark, with eight of his former R&D team, Johansen will oversee parallel development of a series of conventional discharge moving lights and LED fixtures.

Johansen left the industry in 1998 and says he had no intention of returning once his ten-year non-compete contract had expired; however, after meeting Arturo Vicari, Managing Director of the RCF Group (of which SGM is a part), the deal was struck. “I could see they would be great guys to work with - but I only agreed to join SGM on the understanding that I could get my old team back,” said Johansen. “I asked them whether they were ready to do it again - and they were immediately hooked on the idea, which was very exciting.”

At a press conference held in London to announce the new appointment, much of the talk was of new developments in entertainment lighting, though Johansen insists architectural lighting will also be a focus for the new R&D team.

“The way Martin became successful initially that we were focusing as much on architectural as on entertainment lighting,” says Johansen. “We just tried to make our entertainment products moving architectural products. So you take the same light engine, put in on a yoke and you have an entertainment product, put it on a fake yoke, make it waterproof and you have an architectural product.”
“And personally I hate discos,” Johansen jokes in conclusion. “I’d much rather stand out in the street in the rain looking at a beautiful building.”


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