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Colorfox VX01

The Martin Professional Colorfox VX01 is the first lighting controller specifically designed for architectural use with dynamic colour changing fixtures. This simple control solution allows users to customize and personalize a variety of architectural lighting settings.

Colorfox features an attractive, tactile design that enables it to fit into nearly any design environment. Its user-friendly interface allows even inexperienced users to access the benefits of dynamic light.

This intuitive controller allows for easy playback of static and dynamic scenes and provides a simple-to-use interface for users to alter the hue, saturation and intensity of their surroundings. Change colour and speed by the mere click of a button and then re-save it to any preset.

Colour temperature can be easily adjusted from 2000K-9000K to match different luminaire types (RGB or CMY) for identical and consistent color matching, making it easy to replace any fixture without re-programming designs.

Colorfox VX01 connects to any PC via USB for easy setup and uploading of new scenes using PixMove design software. It includes a list of pre-defined designs and the capability to create custom solutions with fast and direct access to all features. The software’s Visual Designer also serves as an offline editor allowing designs to be pre-programmed off site and later uploaded to any device via USB.

  • Touch-sensitive dial with acoustic and visual feedback
  • 4 memory buttons to run/store/adjust your favorite looks and dynamic scenes
  • Select any colour fast and easily by scrolling the color wheel
  • Connects directly to DMX via RJ45 and controls up to 170 fixtures or zones (maximum 512 channels)
  • Easily wall-mounted using the included bracket for straightforward control of Martin architectural luminaires


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