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Artistic Licence has developed Art-Range, a group of products which use the extended triggering features of the Art-Net protocol, along with its ability to stream DMX, to control entire systems, from a simple lighting effect or a multiple zone area, through to a complete server-based venue with local and global controls.

All products in the Art-Range, from Art-Lynx and Art-Sense to the Touch-Control and Push-Control user interfaces, are considered building blocks which may be arranged in any configuration to meet the customer’s specific needs.

All of this is made possible by the brains of Art-Range, Art-Play, the playback unit to which all other control devices are connected.
Art-Play and all Art-Range products communicate using Art-Net to trigger events or control other devices; together they create a system as simple or as complex as necessity dictates, giving complete control over every fixture and device.

Art-Range has been designed with hotel, conference centre, entertainment and architectural applications in mind but is invaluable in any sector where integration and precise control is paramount.  

Installation is fast and cost-effective as the majority of Art-Range is powered by Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). The range shares common enclosures, connectors and form factor as well as a web-browser interface that ensures each device is fully compatible and interchangeable.

Art-Play and Art-Sense can be programmed to respond to feedback from a comprehensive range of sensors – including a proximity sensor which turns lights on when a room is occupied, and a light sensor which controls the level of lighting to ensure the minimum amount of power is used. It is features such as these which enable Art-Range to minimise operating costs and reduce energy consumption.


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