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DDFCUC fan coil unit controller

The latest addition to Dynalite’s building automation solution-set, the fan coil unit controller provides accurate air-temperature management in commercial environments, such as hotels and offices, while seamlessly integrating with complementary control systems.

According to Dynalite Sales Director, Laurence Coote, the new fan coil unit controller has been designed to connect directly to individual fan control units, and is easily integrated with other application-specific controllers. “There is an increasing requirement for fully integrated building-wide control systems that can incorporate multiple services, including lighting, environmental and audio-visual applications,” he said. “The fan coil unit controller is an important element of such systems.

“By integrating control systems, building owners can avoid duplicating infrastructure for individual control systems, which is wasteful and costly,” continued Coote. “This is especially so for new construction projects, where installers and building owners prefer to avoid installing, managing and operating a plethora of control systems. Similarly, office workers and hotel guests want to be able to operate a multitude of services via a single common touch-screen or operating panel. Dynalite is one of the few lighting and controls providers that can offer this level of integration.”

The new fan coil unit controller is equipped with two dual-triac outputs for heating and cooling valve actuation, and three relay outputs for high, medium and low fan control. Three dry contact inputs allow connection to programmable devices and networked sensors, such as window sensors, motion detectors and airflow sensors.

The fan coil unit controller is a key element of Dynalite’s end-to-end solution-set. This complete and fully integrated distributed control system comprises a full range of controllers, multi-function occupancy and light-level sensors, switches, a PC-based graphical control and monitoring interface, plus Dynalite’s sophisticated peer-to-peer communications serial bus network, DyNet.

Like all Dynalite technologies, the new fan coil unit controller is founded on Dynalite’s world-renowned distributed control philosophy, where control intelligence is distributed about the network in a modular fashion and linked via the DyNet network. Equipped with a built-in programmable logic controller (PLC), the fan coil unit controller delivers accurate air-temperature control using proportional, integral and differential (PID) control methodology.

The new DDFCUC fan coil unit controller is offered in 24V (DDFCUC024) and 240V (DDFCUC240) versions and features a tough ABS enclosure. Its lightweight and compact construction, coupled with its DIN-rail mounting, permits straightforward installation.


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