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Revio / Ineo

Revio is a new premier range featuring touch pad control featuring good layout resulting from extensive ergonomic research leads users to simply press the on / off button or touch the surface of the panel to select the scene or zone they want to control.

This is much easier than having to navigate through traditional panels with many buttons of the same size and shape. Twisting the rotary knob raises or lowers the light levels accordingly.

Users appreciate the easily identifiable power button, softly illuminated when off, so they can always find the light controls even in a darkened room. The light icon, rotary control, and liquid glass-styled touch pads are complemented with a customisable label insert. Installers may easily present button labels in any language or graphic. Also, unlike single zone rotary controls, Revio rotary dimmer controls can take control of multiple zones of lights in any area.

Despite its power, the Revio is the only lighting control user interface simple enough to deliver a full range of control features within a single gang back box (included).

Ineo is the second new iLight range of control panels.  A large circular on / off button is presented within a configurable button module with up to 10 different configurations using large or small button options. All buttons have backlit indicator lights and provide strong tactile feedback. The panels may also be ganged together to meet particular project requirements, and are shipped with a back box included.

Revio and Ineo panels can be incorporated into any iLight system, which can include systems such as energy management, dimming, occupancy sensing, energy metering etc.


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