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Added: April 2010

OSRAM’s Easy DMX SO is a new lighting control unit that is suitable for serial installation and is capable of working with any other device in the Easy professional lighting management product family.

It has been designed to control dimmers and luminaires which use the DMX protocol as control input. With the Easy DMX SO, OSRAM offers an ideal solution for lighting planners and architects to implement functional lighting with white light or mood lighting with dynamic colour changes and light scenes.

The Easy DMX SO is available in 16x4, 32x4 and 64x4 versions. In the Easy DMX 64x4 SO, 256 DMX channels and a total of 64 independent light points can be controlled, regardless of whether RGB lighting, RGB + white light or dimmable functional lighting with white light are used. With DMX signal amplifiers each device can be connected with an unlimited number of luminaires.

Up to 64 scenes and four sequences can be programmed. Combined with the appropriate DMX dimmers and controls from the Easy product family, the control unit is ideal for a whole number of applications such as effect, accent and mood lighting. The device is also very well suited for use with OSRAM or Traxon LED solutions.

Four dynamic sequences are pre-programmed in OSRAM’s Easy DMX SO control unit – with optional saturated colours, pastel shades or hot and cold colour combinations. Own scenes and sequences can be configured with the Easy colour control software, which enables the management of a number of independent light points and many light scenes and sequences. Scenes and sequences can be stored in the Easy DMX SO and accessed either via the software or the Easy remote controls.
The Easy DMX SO offers different operating modes which allow the manual control of groups of luminaires and light scenes, sequences or daylight simulations.

As an extension, OSRAM offers the Easy system coupler. This works as a signal amplifier and enables bidirectional communication between connected systems. By using the coupler, several sections with 64 light points each can be connected together.


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