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DIALux 4.8

Added: Feb 2011

The latest version of DIALux contains several important innovations and enhancements. The calculation of the energy consumption through lighting has been modified in accordance with EnEV2009. There are distinct differences compared with the previously applicable EnEV2007.

Everybody is talking about LED technology. This provides new products, new opportunities and new measuring regulations. Many LED products originate in international markets where American IES standards often apply. Therefore the luminaire data you obtain from many manufacturers are not in EULUMDAT format but in IES format. For SSL (solid state lighting) these are usually completely photometrized. DIALux has been able to handle this format for many years, but its presentation was adapted to EULUMDAT. With the 4.8 version of DIALux an independent import and display routine is used. The luminous flux displayed is the luminous flux of the luminaire and therefore the display of the light output ratio becomes superfluous.

There has been progress in the integration of lamp catalogues into DIALux. You can integrate lamps from the lamp manufacturer’s catalogue easily into the luminaires of any manufacturer.

The optimization of street lighting systems is a crucial part of DIALux. Within the framework of advancing internationalization the special Danish and South African requirements have been integrated.


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