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iPro is a square, die-cast aluminium projector that was developed to illuminate outdoor architectural structures.

It is available in three different sizes - large, medium and small - and can house new lamps that achieve high light output and low energy consumption.

By combining the different optics available - super spot, spot, flood, asymmetric transversal or longitudinal - uniform accurate beams are emitted. Details are enhanced, façades highlighted and architectural volumes - either horizontal or vertical - find their visual dimension.

The finish is available in the 'classic' grey and white, a colour that lets the luminaire disappear into a façades, to be revealed only by the light it produces.

Alongside the optics, other accessories make it possible to adjust the beam and focus it with great accuracy: spill rings and louvres against direct and side glare, cylinders to focus the light cone, visors and flaps against light dispersion, coloured filters or reflecting glasses to create light displays.

Installation and maintenance is very easy; just one tool is needed to open the product and install the accessories. A safety cable supports the glass frame and any additional elements, making maintenance work easy and leaving the hands free to perform the different operations. The accessory-holding frame allows quick relamping with no need to move existing elements.

iPro is an IP65 rated product.The flush glass lets rainwater flow away so that it does not stagnate on the surface affecting the finish or leaking inside.

The technical characteristics of the luminaires comply with Standards EN60598-1 and more specific provisions.


iGuzzini iPro
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