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The Selux Olivio family of exterior luminaires is a multi-functional lighting system for street lighting to spotlighting, wall-washing to amenity lighting.

The system's fittings take a powerful 150W metal halide lamp or diminutive LEDs and can be mounted in multiple arrays on a 10-metre column or used as a single, spike-mounted light source for close-offset accent lighting.

The distinctive Olivio lantern, with rounded body and subtly asymmetric face, is made from die-cast aluminium and comes in three sizes, Grande, Medio and Piccolo. The Grande version takes HIT-CE lamps from 35W to 150W; Medio ranges from 35W to 70W; and the Piccolo lantern, for surface-mounted and bollard applications, takes advantage of the new 20W HIT-CE lamp, as well as featuring high power latest generation LEDs. All versions offer spot, medium or flood reflectors - while the Grande lantern can be specified with 'Dark Sky' symmetric or asymmetric mini-road reflectors, for genuine public lighting performance on streets, squares, precincts and other civic spaces.

Equally important are Olivio's huge number of mounting and configuration options, making it one of the most versatile lighting systems on the market.

Most distinctive is the arrangement of Olivio Grande fittings in a multiple, asymmetric array around an 8 or 10-metre column, to make a large-scale statement in public squares, plazas and shopping precincts. This technique was recently used to dramatic effect at Middlesbrough's Institute of Modern Art. Luminaire adjustability in all directions allows the light distribution to be tailored to the space - and narrow-beam projector versions can even be included in the mix for accent lighting of nearby features. The Olivio system allows fittings to be positioned anywhere on the column.

On a smaller scale, Grande and Medio models can also be used in one, two or three luminaire 'candelabra' formations on typically 3.5 to 6 metre columns - or mounted singly or in a two-lantern formation on vertical surfaces, either on a curved wall-mounting arm or the same angled arm brackets. For locations requiring a less visually intrusive effect, single lanterns can also be fixed directly onto walls on a short bracket while a spike-mounting accessory even allows luminaires to be positioned at ground level, for lighting trees, shrubs or architectural features.

The two smaller Olivio lanterns can also be used as part of an attractive 'drop-head' bollard, either 1000mm high (Piccolo) or 1250mm high (Medio). And to further complete this impressive portfolio of lighting tools, there is a matching linear wall-washer unit, based around the 24W or 39W T5 fluorescent lamp, with the same integrated design details.

Finally, to expand the considerable lighting design potential of Olivio, all three lantern sizes can be specified with an array of useful accessories, including prismatic beam-spreader lens, four standard colour filters and two glare-control louvres.


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