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One LED Concept

Added: Dec 2010

With the One LED Concept (OLC), WE-EF offers an innovative technology for the economically and ecologically viable use of LEDs in street lighting.

WE-EF RFL LED streetlighting luminaires with OLC® Technik are consistently constructed for an effective, energy saving illumination. They are of a round design made from an aluminium cast and are available in two sizes: the small version RFL534 with a diameter of 460 mm for 29 - 59 watt LED. The large version RFL544 has a diameter of 570 mm and is fitted with 88 – 118 watt LED. Optically only distinguishable from the outside by the flat design, the interior of the LED version is of course constructed using the modular LED technology, so that the life span of up to 40-50,000 hours can be achieved for the LEDs.

Multiple-layer-technology guarantees uniformity

In contrast to the usual standard solutions, where the area to be illuminated is lit with individual LEDs with various beam angles and lenses, selectively orientated in a so called ”multiple spot“ technique, OLC® technology applies the ”multiple layer“ principle

With this approach every single LED illuminates one single area equally with a specially developed lens from WE-EF. It is therefore basically possible to fit a luminaire with just one single LED in the future. The necessary average light level is achieved by the overlapping layers of the individual LEDs.

The advantage is obvious: the failure of individual LEDs leads to a corresponding cut back in the average light level, while the uniformity remains the same. This feature – namely that turning off individual LEDs only changes the average light level, but not the uniformity - can therefore be used to lower the light level, without harming the quality of the lighting. No expensive control or dimming technology is necessary. Simple turning on and off is sufficient.

Module technology guarantees sustainability

At WE-EF six LEDs and six lenses are combined to make a module and can be completely exchanged as a single block. The heat management system, i.e. direct heat dissipation by the correspondingly proportioned cooling fins, guarantees efficient and sustainable operation. The standardised modules can also be used for new modules with less LEDs as LED eficiency increases in the future. This equates to less power, but higher light ouput. The light properties remain unchanged.

With the OLC® technology and the specially constructed lenses the light is directly targeted - without interreflection- to the illuminated surfaces in a controlled way. Unnecessary light emissions are reduced to an absolute minimum, and excellent glare limitation is guaranteed as is the adherence to ‘Dark Sky’ requirements.


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