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Airtrace 2

Indal WRTL

Added: Mar 2011

The gently curved design of Indal WRTL’s Airtrace 2 suits both functional and urban street lighting applications combining performance with style.

Designed to accept HID lamps up to 250W SON and 140W CPO-TW, Airtrace 2 is suitable for the majority of traffic routes across the UK.

Column spacing using 150W SON lamps are up to 51m single-sided on ME3C, whilst spacings in excess of 50m on ME3A and ME2 can be achieved with 250W SON lamps.

Airtrace 2 has been designed to utilise the latest electronic control gear, available from Tridonic, Harvard and Philips including Virtual Power Output and Constant Light Output variants to maximise energy savings.

This total ME Class solution can be used with pre-programmed step dimming controllers, such as Dynadimmer, step dim ballasts and Central Management Systems (CMS) such as Telensa PLANet, Harvard Leafnut and Philips Star Sense.

Airtrace 2 has been chosen for both the Norfolk and Birmingham traffic routes on the basis of its performance, quality and value.


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