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…a surface mounted, highly adjustable, miniature spotlight

Essential: neat, elegant and practical, the intensity of excitement about the latest miniturisation in lamp technology is encompassed in the design of the easi and reflected in its modern lines.

Microlights’ latest spotlight was designed by Daniel Blanchet, who explains “This development sees the light fitting as more than an obtrusive extra device. It adds value to the spotlight, promoting it as the tool that delivers the physical and commercial needs of a scheme”.

Attitude: due to its formal, balanced design, the easi.collection offers strong, simple aesthetics that blend with the ceiling. If desired, the easi.custum can be used to make a statement with lighting or be used to camouflage the light fittings to fit in with a specific store design.
Strong: mounted on single or multi-circuit track, or on a ceiling plate, this flexible, practical spotlight with attitude is an essential addition to any interior scheme.
Intensity: specially designed retail reflectors for use with the new super mini capsule CMH and 12v capsule lamps. These interchangeable retail reflectors focus the intensity of the new lamp, and are available in narrow, medium, wide or extra wide, allowing use across areas with differing ceiling heights.
Lamp Information
Super mini capsule CMH 20w or 35w, rated lamp life 12,000 hours, RA of 80+, 81 Lm/w, lamp base GU6.5
Precise MR16 CHM 20w or 35W, rated lamp life 12,000 hours, RA of 80+, 81 Lm/w, lamp base GX10
12v capsule 50w, rated lamp life 3,000 hours, RA of 99, 16-22 Lm/w, lamp base GY6.35
12v MR16 dichroic, rated lamp life 3,000 hours, RA of 99, 20-25 Lm/w, lamp base GU5.3


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