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Added: Apr 2010

With more than 1,200 individual article numbers, the Quintessence system literally represents the quintessence of ERCO’s 40+ years of experience in this field.

The new recessed luminaires have been consistently designed for efficient visual comfort. This principle is underlined by the focus of the product range on wallwashers for vertical illuminance and on luminaires with LEDs. Consisting of roughly 350 products, this confirms that this light source is now on an equal footing to conventional lamps.

The Quintessence product range uses ERCO’s latest technologies such as the patented Spherolit reflectors and Spherolit lenses, factory-encoded DALI control gear or 4-channel varychrome technology for LED downlights with variable lighting colour. The logical structure of the product range reflects the a combination of various design criteria; the design brief encompasses round and square designs, various sizes, lamps, light distributions, mounting details as well as luminaire edges, all of which give users an extensive range of design possibilities. The design brief is not only reflected in terms of the luminaires’ design as an architectural detail, but also in terms of lighting design. Quintessence is suitable for all the tasks required of ceiling-integrated lighting, ranging from vertical illuminance with washlights or lens wallwashers and ambient lighting with downlights through to accent lighting with directional luminaires and recessed spotlights. The logical structure allows designers and installers to quickly understand the full extent of this new range of recessed luminaires. The consistent system design ensures safe and rational installations, fully supported by the system’s extensive documentation in the current ERCO catalogue and online in the ERCO Light Scout at:

The designers of Quintessence set ecological and energy-related concerns at the centre of the new system, linking these with the requirements for perception-orientated, qualitative lighting design to achieve efficient visual comfort. The consequence is that the product range is particularly orientated towards wallwashers – with the contribution towards energy savings, since the vertical illuminance significantly raises the impression of brightness within a room. Another emphasis is on economic, future-proof lamps, this can be seen by the high proportion, about 350 LED products. This light source is suitable for both ambient and accent lighting, is noted for long life and low running cost and, since their light produced has no UV and IR, they are ideal for sensitive goods and exhibits. Well-established light sources such as metal halide lamps, low-voltage halogen lamps, high-pressure sodium vapour lamps and compact fluorescent lamps are also used. No matter which light source, all luminaires are designed and equipped with the state of the art lighting technology and control gear to ensure optimum efficiency.

The system design of Quintessence not only makes it easier to design and plan the lighting concept, but, more particularly, also facilitates ease of luminaire mounting and maintenance. Luminaires having a range of different characteristics can be mounted in the uniform mounting rings/frames simply without tools. This not only simplifies the initial installation, but also gives new freedom when making subsequent modifications to lighting concepts. It is, for instance, simple to replace a downlight with a directional luminaire if the furnishing or usage of a room is changed: a flexibility not previously available from track systems.


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