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Zicron Filters
LEE Filters

A new range of lighting filters designed to offer quality, consistency and durability, Zircon circumvents the problem of filters that struggle with fade times when used in conjunction with LED lighting set-ups. more...

Luxeon C Color Line

Lumileds’ Luxeon C Color Line reshapes its approach to colour mixing to deliver optically consistent colours and whites with unprecedented high centre beam candle power (or ‘punch’). more...

CSP 1616
Edison Opto

CSP technology obviates the packaging process which can lower the production cost and reduce the emitting area, providing more flexibility for secondary optical design. more...

All-in-One LED Driver

The all-in-one programmable LED driver/ emergency battery back up combo unit eliminates the need for a separate emergency system within an LED fixture. more...

ROAL Electronics

Providing 50W of power in a compact size (105 x 73 x 27mm / 4.13 x 2.87 x 1.06 inches), with worldwide AC input voltage range (120/230/277 VAC) or optional DC power input and a multi-unit wireless programmability feature, MESO 50 is flexible, demonstrated by the driver’s multiple dimming options. more...

RCOB Series

The driver series includes eleven models with output voltages between 25 and 44VDC and constant output currents of 350 to 1050mA. more...

PWM Series
Mean Well

Ranging from 40W to 120W, Mean Well PWM Series is engineered to dim LED strips via conventional analogue dimming signal or digital DALI command. more...

Truelux Drivers

Truelux drivers include constant voltage and constant current models suitable for Soraa MR16 and AR111 lamps – both with DALI, 0/1-10V, Phase, and non-dimming options. more...

CLZ 33W EyeNut Driver with ZigBee Dongle

The CLZ 33W EyeNut driver with ZigBee dongle combines CoolLED driver technology with EyeNut monitoring and management system for indoor lighting. more...


InMODULE Strada is a constant current LED module compatible with Ledil Strada-module lenses. more...



The new TALEXXmodule SLE G5 XD Advanced produces a high luminous flux of 5,000lm in modules with small LES, which means that merchandise in shops can be illuminated more precisely with a narrow beam angle. more...

Optical Light Engines


A low profile series of light engines that provide fixture manufacturers access to Soraa’s full visible spectrum GaN-on-GaN LED technology. more...

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