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Plasma lamp


Added: August 2011


Our product reviewer, David Morgan, says: “Luxim, one of the pioneers in point source plasma lighting, showed its latest light sources and a much larger variety of fixtures developed by luminaire manufactures than at last year’s show. While this technology is slowly finding its way into the market in niche areas such as image forming, entertainment lighting and street lighting, so far none of the major lighting manufacturers seem to have adopted it. The general obsession with using LED for every type of lighting combined with the high performance to cost ratio of traditional technology HID lamps, including the Cosmopolis, seems to be limiting the market for plasma at the present. The high colour temperature of 5,300K, shortish lamp life of 17,000 hours and efficiency of only 62 lumens per watt combined with a high capital cost are hard to get excited about. But it may well be that this type of light source could play an important role in high output luminaires (400 watt HID and above) where a point source is needed for good optical control. LEDs will have nothing to offer in this market segment for the foreseeable future.”


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