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Added: Nov 2011*

Philips’ MASTERColour CDM Fresh is a new generation of ceramic metal halide lighting that enhances the appeal of fresh and colorful products in shops and supermarkets

Previously known as MASTER SDW Elite, the upgraded MASTERColour CDM Fresh is the latest in energy saving technology for the retail food industry. The new generation of lamps reduces energy consumption by 30% to 50% compared to traditional White Son lamps, while enhancing the color of fresh produce such as vegetables, meat and fish to make the food look brighter and more appetizing to shoppers.   

Many brands and shop owners are under pressure to reduce energy consumption, and drive down costs, as well as increase sales by making themselves stand apart from the competition.

Freek Langeveld, Product Marketing Manager Philips OEM Lighting Solutions, commented: “Retailers are becoming increasingly more aware of the role lighting can play in making their produce stand-out. Bringing out the color of fresh foods, making them more appealing to customers, will decrease the time perishable products spend in the shelves, minimizing product waste. At the same time, MASTERColour CDM Fresh can reduce energy consumption up to 50% and have an increased lifetime of 50% compared to traditional lighting solutions, lowering lamp replacement costs.”

The new MASTERColour CDM Fresh lamps fit in all existing CDM (Elite) luminaires and can be operated on standard CDM gear like the HID PrimaVision Compact from Philips. They are available in 70W (6.000 lumen) and 50W (3.900 lumen) with the market standard G12 or G8.5 socket.


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