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Rack-Split RDM RJ45

Following on from its successful RDM Splitter Upgrade last year, Artistic Licence has made further improvements within its range of DMX splitters with the introduction of the Rack-Split RDM RJ45.

With all the technical specifications of the existing XLR version, Rack-Split RDM RJ45 is a 1 – 9 universe DMX512 splitter with isolated input, supporting both RDM and High End Systems Talkback protocol, housed in a 1RU 19” rack mount casing. But Rack-Split RDM RJ45 benefits from RJ45 Ethercon connectors rather than the standard 5pin XLR connectors.

By utilising RJ45 connectors, it is possible to capitalise on the DMX512-A specification that defines using shielded CAT5 cable for DMX distribution.

There are many benefits to this approach such as:
• Greater range of cable options
• No soldering required
• General understanding of CAT5 cable within the electrical sector

As the use of DMX in the architectural market increased, the DMX512-A specification introduced the use of CAT5 cable to combat the increasing installation costs associated with using standard DMX cable.

By using RJ45 Ethercon connectors, Rack-Split retains the strength and locking mechanism offered by the standard XLR connector whilst offering the use of the RJ45 connector.

All Rack-Split RDM RJ45 data connections are mounted on the front panel of the case whilst the rear panel provides two M4 safety chain points to allow the product to be used without rack mounting.

A 'Safe' output provides a DMX512 (1990) output with only zero start code data which allows any legacy equipment compatibility problems to be overcome.

Rack-Split RDM RJ45 is just one of AL’s range of splitters which includes:
• DMX-Fix - a small desktop style DMX512 splitter and data filter with isolated input and 5 DMX512-A output ports
• Rail-Flip - a 4 universe DMX512 change-over with manual or automatic fail-over
• Rail-Split – a 1 to 6 universe DMX512 splitter with support for RDM and HES Talkback, isolated input and DIN Rail enclosure with screw terminal connectors
• Iso-Split RDM – a 10 universe DMX512 rack mounted splitter with full input and output isolation, also with support for RDM and HES Talkback and Ethercon connectors.

Artistic Licence’s comprehensive range of splitters provides system designers and installers alike with reliable, easy to use solutions for all integrated systems with every possible connotation of data connection and case style.


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