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The LUMILUX T8 ES 32 W and 51 W tubes replace the Basic 36 W and 58 W respectively. The tubes work with CCG and LCG applications. Compared with Basic lamps the LUMILUX T8 ES achieves an energy saving of up to 10% with an increased life of 15,000 hours. This energy saving corresponds to reduced CO2 emissions of 70kg over its life.

The LUMILUX T8 ES is ideally suited to applications in warm ambient indoor temperatures of 300C+.

It is possible to save energy with both the OSRAM DULUX D ES as well as the LUMILUX T8 ES without major investment. This is ideal for many commercial and public applications where a complete change to the lighting system is not currently viable. Payback time for both lamps is less than a year.

OSRAM also provides a wide range of products for a complete system change. Using electronic control gear in conjunction with innovative T5 fluorescent tubes, motion sensors and daylight-dependent light control provides savings of up to 80% on energy and lowers CO2 emissions at the same time.


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