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The new dim2save luminaires provide an affordable first step into the world of active lighting management.

Luminaires fitted with dim2save components are easy to install and, thanks to standard momentary-action switches or a DIMLITE lighting management system, are real Scrooges when it comes to energy consumption. More than 900 dim2save luminaires are available to promote the use of dimmable – and therefore energy-efficient – lighting solutions in all application areas.

When assessing the eco-balance of a luminaire, it becomes clear that the major part - more than 90 per cent -  of energy is consumed during operation of the luminaire. Savings in this respect therefore provide the greatest benefit to the environment.

Zumtobel relies on easy-to-operate, state-of-the-art lighting management systems to make it easier for everybody to use luminaires in an energy-efficient way. Luminaires incorporating dim2save components are only slightly more expensive than those with conventional electronic ballasts, but have enormous energy saving potential because they are modular and can be enhanced by features such as presence detectors and daylight-based control.

It’s a simple calculation: with dimmable electronic ballasts, up to 30 per cent of energy can be saved, compared to non-dimmable electronic ballasts. If you add presence detectors and daylight-based control, this value increases considerably to 70 per cent. With a standard installed load of 10 kW in an office building, energy consumption per year can be reduced by up to 17,500 kWh if the luminaires are used for 10 hours a day on average. Beneficial to the environment, good for your budget.

Experience shows that additional investment in dimmable luminaires and lighting management systems pays off very quickly. In case of industrial bays, the average amortisation period is 1.8 years, while the additional costs for underground car parks will be compensated for by energy savings after only 1.3 years.


Zumtobel Dim2save
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