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ConstantColor CMH Ultra

Added: Jun 2010

GE Lighting has launched a new range of ConstantColor CMH Ultra lamps specifically developed for retail applications. The new lamps provide a long life of 15,000 hours and four times the efficiency of halogen lamps.

The lamps also offer superior colour rendering to ensure merchandise is illuminated to the best possible effect helping to create an impressive in-store experience.  

Providing an enhanced quality of light is crucial for retail environments to attract customers and helps improve sales performance. The ConstantColor Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) Ultra lamps offer a true representation of all colours in the spectrum to meet critical colour requirements and provide consistent colour uniformity.

Offering high energy and low maintenance, the new ConstantColor Ultra lamps provide superior long life and lumen performance resulting in 33% extra lumens at end of life when compared with standard CMH lamps. The efficiency of the lamps result in extended lamp replacement cycles as well as reduced maintenance costs.

Robust and reliable, the ConstantColor CMH Ultra lamps are suitable for display lighting, spot and track lighting, mini floodlighting, recessed lighting as well as indoor and outdoor wall washing.

Available in 35W and 70W with G12 and G8.5 bases, the lamps can be used in any existing CMH 35W or 70W system. In addition, all ConstantColor CMH Ultra lamps are compatible with electronic and magnetic ballasts.

In line with customer demands, GE Lighting is continually developing high quality lamps that are environmentally friendly, save energy and reduce maintenance costs.



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