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Cera Arc CMH

Added: Aug 2010

EYE Cera Arc CMH lamps feature R9 values of 90, and a CRI of 92. These values create rich colours, especially red, which is the most important colour in retailing.

That makes EYE Cera Arc ideally suited for grocery stores - meat, fish and produce - and since the rating is 3600K, Cera Arc blends well with fluorescent in other parts of the store. EYE Cera Arc CMH lamps also deliver brilliant greens, blues, and whites, making it ideal for flower, clothing and jewelry displays as well. The 39W model is now rated at 2520 mean lumens, 7% more than previously published, and the improved 70W model is now rated for 6600 initial lumens and 5610 mean lumens, previously rated 6300 and 5360 respectively.


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